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465th TC CO Family Readiness Group

2501 Ford Rd
Bristol,  PA 19007

Phone: (215) 826-4194

As a company level operation, the FRG is a command sponsored organization of all assigned Soldiers (married and single), DA civilians, volunteers and their families (immediate and extended) that together provide mutual support and assistance and a network of communications among the family members, the chain of command, and community
resources. While all of these
individuals are automatically
considered to be members of the FRG, participation is voluntary.

FRG's are established to provide activities and support to enhance the flow of information, increase the resiliency of unit soldiers and their families.

The FRG mission is to:
• act as an extension of the unit in providing official, accurate
command information
• provide mutual support between the command and the FRG
• advocate more efficient use of community resources
• help families s

The FRG is an official Army program established pursuant to AR 600-20, Army Command Policy. Unit
commanders at all levels are expected to establish and/or support FRG operations. FRGs are typically established at the company level with guidance and suppor

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Founded: April Conaway; Jody Schulz

Categories: Armed Forces, Non-Profit Organization

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